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Aaron Timbrell rounds up the software directory

Well, it's the final DiscWorld column of Volume 8 and we have pulled out all the stops for you this time. As well as our usual collection of the latest RISC OS software you will also find:

  • The latest release of FireFox.
  • A bug fixed version of Ancestor+ (as given away last issue).
  • A complete new version of StarFighter 3000 that's never been seen in public before.
  • Backup utilities and lots more.

Pride of place this issue, though, must go to the new version of one of the most popular RISC OS games ever, StarFighter 3000...

StarFighter 3000 - The Next Generation

This is a brand new version of StarFighter that's never been seen in public before. It has hugely updated graphics and a complete new game engine. If you want to get some idea of the changes, just fly as high as you can and turn round to look back at the ground. See the difference? You are now fighting on a genuine 3D planet, not a 2D rectangle.

It's fully 32bit compatible and runs on the Iyonix, A9 and on VirtualRPC. Due to the specification of the game a normal StrongARM RiscPC may not be powerful enough to run it without some slowdown.

There is an accompanying article in this issue of RISCWorld, that gives you the background to the game's development. But if you don't want to read that yet and just want to crack on with a mission you will need to know the controls needed to fly your Starfighter:

  • Up = .
  • Down = /
  • Left = z
  • Right = x
  • Thurst = Right Alt
  • Fire = #
  • Start = Space
  • Special 1 = S
  • Special 2 = D
  • Special 3 = Right Shift



Last issue we gave away a full version of Ancestor+. Well it was very popular with readers, so popular indeed that a couple of silly template related bugs showed up fairly rapidly. The most annoying one was that an error box could open behind all the other windows. This would mean the mouse would be constrained to the size of the error box, but that you couldn't see the message presented, or the buttons to clear the error. The bug only seems to effect RISC OS 4.39 or later and so some user may not have seen them. However we recommend that everyone who is using this version upgrade to the new copy, which, as this issue is the complete Volume 8 compilation, has replaced the original copy in the Issue 5 software directory.

The complete DiscWorld line up

As per usual we have our collections of the latest RISC OS applications, as well as support files for this issues articles:


Updated version of Ancestor+.


Support applications for Dave Holden's backup article.


The latest release of FireFox for RISC OS.


Software featured in the Iyonix column.


Software covered in the letters column.


All the latest PD, shareware and freeware releases from the PD column.


Our exclusive version of the new StarFighter 3000.


Support software for our series on installing software into VirtualRPC.


This contains two sets of Toolbox Modules. The Castle archive contains the latest 26/32 bit neutral system components, required if you want to run a lot of new software releases on 26bit machines. The RISCOS Ltd archive contains later and improved versions of a number of modules and is suitable for all versions of RISC OS from 3.1 onwards. We have also included copies of SharedUnixLib and UnixHome as these are needed by some programs.

Aaron Timbrell