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Graphic Art Exhibition

Richard Ashbery will be displaying his work...


You should be familiar with Richard Ashbery through his articles in RISCWorld. This issue has has an article about producing tiled shapes in RISC OS. I previous issues he has covered a number of subjects of interest to graphic artists.

The Venue

A display of Richard's Art will be taking place from the 28th of April to the 23rd of May at the Mansfield Library, Four Seasons Center, West Gate, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. Admission is free and this is an excellent opportunity to take a look at what can be achieved with RISC OS using both ArtWorks and Photdesk. The Mansfield centre is fairly easy to find, but the following map might prove helpful:



We asked Richard about the exhibition and what got him interested in using RISC OS to create artwork.

"I‘ve always been interested in drawing but during my working life never had time to take it further. The RISC OS press had some fine contributors - artists like Christopher Jarman, Walter Briggs, David Cowell and Henk Huinen (I loved his ArtWorks articles), all of whom provided inspiration."

We also asked him where he got his inspiration from and where he gets his material.

"Most of my material is derived from design pattern books - available from craft shops and bookshops specialising in outlines for glass painters and stained glass craftsman. When these simple outline designs are coloured and transparency/fills/distortion applied the results can be quite dramatic. I tend to draw the design, rather than copy it straight from the page giving the picture originality and avoiding plagiarism. A picture may be made up of a variety of motifs."

We also asked him about how he came to use the software he does.

"I started with Cerilica‘s Vantage. The horrendous reliability problems, icons that did nothing and some which crashed the machine forced‘ me to seek an alternative."

So presumably having had a bad experience with Vantage he looked at ArtWorks?

"Yes. thank goodness for ArtWorks. It's a program I should have purchased from the beginning. Reliable, simple and easy to use I found this package excellent. Martin‘s work on improving it means the software goes from strength to strength"

So anyone who is interested in graphic work with RISC OS could be well advised to follow Richard's example. Why not pop along and see his exhibition for yourself, you might even be lucky and have an opportunity to discuss the work with Richard in person.