The APDL PD Library

Digital Symphony

This part of the library contains Digital Symphony files.


Most of the material in the library dates from the 1990's, some is even earlier. You should therefore be aware that this is an historical archive and some programs may may not work on modern versions of RISC OS. Most of the contents of the library are not 32bit compatible.

It is therefore offerered with absolutely No Warranty or guarantee as to Fitness for Purpose. There is no reason to belive that any of this could in any way harm your computer but because of its age you use it entirely at your own risk and APDL accepts absolutely no responsibility for any consequences of its use.

!SymphPlay the Digital Symphony player application which you will need to play these tunes. This version is Strong ARM compatible and works OK on RISC OS 3, 4 and 6.

0-9 (42K) (113K) (58K) (58K) (53K) (4K) (113K) (87K) (87K) (87K) (74K) (63K) (62K) (62K) (6K) (70K) (123K) (109K) (83K) (62K) (61K) (85K) (111K) (111K) (127K) (48K) (13K) (139K) (45K) (49K) (46K) (136K) (271K) (293K) (123K) (225K) (43K) (43K) (146K) (78K) (73K) (64K) (63K) (133K) (6K) (30K) (56K) (7K) (55K) (26K) (64K) (44K) (44K) (28K) (150K) (150K) (46K) (190K)     80' (70K) (37K) (95K) (109K) (615K)

A (74K) (105K) (55K) (14K) (20K) (81K) (123K) (158K) (179K) (268K) (61K) (161K) (31K) (33K) (127K) (92K) (85K) (23K) (105K) (106K) (101K) (152K) (130K) (127K) (58K) (85K) (106K) (32K) (100K) (20K) (125K) (35K) (51K) (86K) (35K) (19K) (18K) (86K) (51K) (51K) (53K) (183K) (17K) (15K) (41K) (45K) (111K) (22K) (4K) (68K) (146K) (146K) (78K) (41K) (140K) (68K) (41K) (39K) (56K) (120K) (61K) (20K) (94K) (20K) (31K) (72K) (69K) (117K) (97K) (90K) (74K) (47K) (121K) (435K) (30K) (101K) (48K) (23K) (23K) (34K) (42K) (26K) (82K) (9K) (58K) (230K) (277K) (27K) (246K) (20K) (67K) (67K) (44K) (55K) (70K) (75K) (74K) (52K) (307K) (300K) (22K) (14K) (38K) (132K) (69K) (46K) (68K) (29K) (36K) (35K) (48K) (89K) (85K) (86K) (118K) (17K) (113K) (19K) (28K) (113K) (82K) (42K) (24K) (18K) (232K) (28K) (42K) (54K) (185K) (415K) (122K) (72K) (49K) (182K) (68K) (62K) (11K) (12K) (50K) (86K) (63K) (52K) (229K) (129K) (102K) (103K) (73K) (73K) (94K) (83K) (83K) (104K) (147K) (100K) (58K) (159K) (71K) (44K) (22K) (82K) (119K) (56K) (64K) (60K) (55K) (50K) (44K) (10K) (37K) (17K) (61K) (76K) (90K) (72K) (45K) (108K) (17K) (118K) (109K) (94K) (150K) (26K) (75K) (19K) (80K) (53K) (63K) (63K) (85K) (80K) (80K) (80K) (29K) (106K) (34K) (0K) (83K) (22K) (21K) (91K) (60K) (60K) (22K) (5K) (32K) (263K) (167K) (297K) (103K) (95K) (50K) (36K) (80K) (59K) (319K) (43K) (30K) (24K) (75K) (21K) (51K) (39K) (39K) (14K) (55K) (84K) (74K) (72K) (53K) (32K) (84K) (50K) (127K) (119K) (60K) (25K) (58K) (34K)

B (67K) (67K) (182K) (83K) (147K) (25K) (13K) (37K) (36K) (53K) (71K) (48K) (169K) (168K) (87K) (94K) (40K) (8K) (136K) (45K) (128K) (48K) (62K) (30K) (117K) (133K) (160K) (6K) (52K) (4K) (29K) (22K) (35K) (34K) (27K) (30K) (33K) (29K) (22K) (35K) (45K) (193K) (64K) (193K) (65K) (53K) (53K) (19K) (198K) (87K) (114K) (18K) (37K) (141K) (35K) (37K) (138K) (70K) (50K) (115K) (24K) (34K) (104K) (48K) (166K) (162K) (273K) (92K) (15K) (84K) (73K) (104K) (38K) (35K) (182K) (27K) (30K) (33K) (46K) (146K) (48K) (40K) (18K) (11K) (45K) (57K) (83K) (36K) (46K) (136K) (76K) (34K) (103K) (159K) (40K) (111K) (60K) (62K) (199K) (4K) (58K) (141K) (75K) (155K) (23K) (40K) (110K) (251K) (124K) (90K) (49K) (89K) (29K) (89K) (30K) (61K) (36K) (152K) (48K) (7K) (27K) (49K) (69K) (38K) (38K) (31K) (82K) (240K) (41K) (45K) (35K) (67K) (276K) (72K) (148K) (43K) (38K) (49K) (48K) (103K) (45K) (33K) (70K) (54K) (99K) (97K) (18K) (80K) (88K) (215K) (117K) (15K) (43K) (98K) (106K) (20K) (34K) (11K) (8K) (106K) (29K) (40K) (14K) (14K) (37K) (20K) (146K) (111K) (54K) (54K) (35K) (89K) (268K) (57K) (34K) (46K) (17K) (69K) (83K) (83K) (18K) (53K) (62K) (18K) (97K) (42K) (72K) (46K) (46K) (189K) (44K) (37K) (37K) (33K) (41K) (6K) (64K) (51K) (71K) (21K) (102K) (16K) (105K) (34K) (71K) (1K) (95K) (125K) (62K) (11K) (158K) (29K) (20K) (192K) (62K) (211K) (193K) (19K) (50K) (85K) (257K) (84K) (103K) (64K) (253K) (29K) (15K) (87K) (47K) (87K) (17K) (145K) (24K) (36K) (87K) (98K) (132K) (25K) (105K) (146K) (81K) (65K) (99K) (81K) (94K) (67K) (38K) (33K) (33K) (47K) (49K) (33K) (20K) (78K) (13K) (70K) (22K) (119K) (110K) (171K) (39K) (8K) (33K) (43K) (2K) (60K) (45K) (183K) (31K) (57K) (99K) (103K) (41K) (59K) (58K) (48K) (98K)

C (48K) (76K) (141K) (92K) (62K) (91K) (33K) (38K) (76K) (18K) (18K) (81K) (93K) (71K) (6K)
    cap'n' (90K) (32K) (36K) (83K) (14K) (43K) (99K) (99K) (40K) (0K) (25K) (26K) (39K) (58K) (16K) (18K) (2K) (75K) (37K) (208K) (188K) (16K) (169K) (192K) (23K) (119K) (66K) (23K) (37K) (50K) (123K) (149K) (64K) (61K) (111K) (144K) (63K) (120K) (38K) (28K) (97K) (80K) (97K) (97K) (80K) (41K) (68K) (49K) (54K) (95K) (152K) (55K) (55K) (39K) (5K) (9K) (13K) (5K) (52K) (11K) (0K) (2K) (2K) (0K) (9K) (99K) (26K) (13K) (14K) (78K) (88K) (74K) (117K) (78K) (30K) (67K) (92K) (38K) (202K) (39K) (50K) (90K) (3K) (14K) (65K) (10K) (60K) (196K) (144K) (144K) (254K) (91K) (51K) (76K) (31K) (33K) (71K) (51K) (103K) (61K) (77K) (3K) (37K) (136K) (91K) (58K) (185K) (172K) (59K) (33K) (60K) (88K) (75K) (134K) (89K) (62K) (90K) (57K) (184K) (41K) (86K) (561K) (66K) (86K) (86K) (112K) (37K) (30K) (63K) (158K) (67K) (43K) (39K) (39K) (206K) (206K) (71K) (163K) (26K) (71K) (85K) (124K) (7K) (47K) (45K) (52K) (56K) (44K) (155K)     cool'n' (41K) (14K) (70K) (77K) (52K) (24K) (11K) (73K) (82K) (7K) (33K) (376K) (51K) (126K) (86K) (134K) (134K) (70K) (43K) (27K) (60K) (124K) (43K) (122K) (82K) (49K) (161K) (60K) (87K) (171K) (226K) (35K) (91K) (14K) (86K) (294K) (47K) (106K) (27K) (24K) (22K) (284K) (201K) (18K) (24K) (35K) (181K) (97K) (38K) (38K) (77K) (96K) (34K) (27K) (115K) (76K) (60K) (33K) (131K) (29K) (29K) (44K) (46K) (106K) (47K) (20K) (51K) (117K) (56K) (58K) (15K) (275K) (4K) (33K) (192K) (131K) (40K) (67K) (131K) (40K) (69K) (48K) (8K) (54K) (123K)

D (104K) (75K) (108K) (27K) (6K) (38K) (43K) (72K) (70K) (143K) (82K) (15K) (149K) (149K) (149K) (29K) (84K) (84K) (44K) (65K) (68K) (85K) (80K) (250K) (61K) (82K) (242K) (178K) (199K) (97K) (442K) (100K) (173K) (211K) (32K) (62K) (4K) (25K) (49K) (64K) (73K) (59K) (59K) (114K) (125K) (53K) (277K) (252K) (121K) (64K) (81K) (101K) (74K) (74K) (36K) (53K) (31K) (30K) (201K) (46K) (91K) (83K) (42K) (132K) (164K) (146K) (114K) (62K) (80K) (80K) (62K) (68K) (42K) (46K) (93K) (53K) (64K) (51K) (271K) (82K) (61K) (88K) (89K) (91K) (2K) (58K) (43K) (57K) (26K) (43K) (38K) (15K) (21K) (17K) (79K) (149K) (91K) (71K) (67K) (74K) (153K) (143K) (45K) (73K) (64K) (19K) (78K) (100K) (45K) (78K) (125K) (8K) (198K) (106K)
    detska' (76K) (45K) (167K) (167K) (88K) (81K) (163K) (110K) (40K) (79K) (259K) (171K) (9K) (106K) (62K) (67K) (90K) (70K) (78K) (6K) (69K) (88K) (159K) (95K) (46K) (75K) (89K) (49K) (42K) (28K) (74K) (116K) (89K) (62K) (102K) (56K) (67K) (185K) (115K) (189K) (67K) (15K) (128K) (73K) (49K) (85K) (29K) (56K) (288K) (53K) (67K) (43K) (40K) (19K) (52K) (123K) (59K) (44K) (32K) (86K) (40K) (109K) (23K) (128K) (245K) (168K) (261K)     don' (182K) (112K) (200K) (40K) (163K) (63K) (82K) (6K) (282K) (73K) (102K) (73K) (148K) (11K) (30K) (61K) (68K) (67K) (34K) (31K) (50K) (6K) (13K) (224K) (87K) (3K) (29K) (73K) (51K) (10K) (39K) (97K) (50K) (127K) (49K) (112K) (39K) (63K) (115K) (55K) (44K) (115K) (76K) (40K) (83K) (75K) (20K) (45K) (42K) (55K) (68K) (222K) (86K) (53K) (44K) (67K) (63K) (124K) (7K) (16K) (12K) (15K) (114K) (73K) (49K) (38K) (37K) (46K) (55K) (39K) (48K) (62K) (58K) (87K)
    duffy' (41K) (25K) (37K) (20K) (123K) (188K) (233K) (63K) (138K) (87K) (57K)

E (34K) (33K) (204K) (75K) (128K) (61K) (34K) (31K) (87K) (162K) (57K) (49K) (38K) (98K) (69K) (34K) (69K) (27K) (17K) (24K) (45K) (40K) (92K) (136K) (71K) (80K) (88K) (154K) (46K) (54K) (109K) (51K) (130K) (136K) (41K) (34K) (94K) (120K) (193K) (193K) (259K) (140K) (206K) (200K) (52K) (97K) (13K) (6K) (43K) (107K) (86K) (79K) (126K) (129K) (19K) (14K) (32K) (23K) (82K) (84K) (51K) (196K) (37K) (51K) (16K) (47K) (73K) (87K) (125K) (109K) (39K) (77K) (59K) (27K) (262K) (128K) (37K) (14K) (148K) (57K) (155K) (60K) (77K) (93K) (87K) (114K) (108K) (136K) (171K) (48K) (35K) (53K) (54K) (26K) (49K) (48K) (31K) (74K) (119K) (84K) (273K) (292K) (62K) (216K) (79K) (76K) (101K) (89K) (72K) (83K) (94K) (100K) (108K) (102K) (111K) (193K) (521K) (46K) (40K) (48K) (116K) (93K) (95K) (95K) (81K) (10K) (7K) (81K) (69K) (199K) (35K) (164K) (79K) (58K) (44K) (45K) (246K) (81K) (86K) (86K) (169K) (115K) (49K) (27K) (143K) (113K)

F (70K) (91K) (55K) (13K) (136K) (50K) (87K) (29K) (71K) (171K) (10K) (36K) (9K) (12K) (86K) (70K) (58K) (28K) (132K) (31K) (67K) (49K) (59K) (144K) (139K) (176K) (75K) (84K) (12K) (109K) (121K) (74K) (101K) (21K) (49K) (62K) (63K) (113K) (7K) (7K) (448K) (45K) (136K) (208K) (29K) (155K) (113K) (29K) (78K) (65K) (27K) (97K) (10K) (34K) (40K) (31K) (80K) (37K) (66K) (15K) (58K) (109K) (91K) (73K) (5K) (149K) (55K) (62K) (55K) (61K) (88K) (42K) (50K) (43K) (52K) (103K) (70K) (42K) (74K) (54K) (111K) (43K) (187K) (47K) (34K) (29K) (35K) (35K) (163K) (171K) (44K) (96K) (19K) (124K) (124K) (159K) (41K) (112K) (103K) (113K) (64K) (59K) (136K) (60K) (104K) (115K) (84K) (43K) (20K) (20K) (334K) (90K) (45K) (128K) (124K) (38K) (62K) (67K) (63K) (46K) (22K) (53K) (41K) (79K) (53K) (5K) (42K) (51K) (61K) (53K) (51K) (16K) (82K) (30K) (129K) (3K) (71K) (65K) (58K) (15K) (62K) (4K) (100K) (35K) (104K) (97K) (98K) (71K) (86K) (125K) (78K) (94K) (170K) (170K) (132K) (90K) (19K) (52K) (11K) (107K) (116K) (62K) (55K) (29K) (19K) (82K) (157K) (6K) (62K) (44K) (114K) (0K) (0K) (46K) (58K) (101K) (66K) (44K) (246K) (156K) (246K) (125K) (16K) (56K) (118K) (117K) (69K) (68K) (68K) (25K) (65K) (26K) (39K) (21K) (102K) (49K)

G (112K) (96K) (67K) (207K) (67K) (206K) (66K) (76K) (92K) (92K) (35K) (99K) (136K) (63K) (144K) (111K) (31K) (31K) (61K) (61K) (103K) (14K) (75K) (79K) (33K) (33K) (37K) (29K) (38K) (238K) (238K) (71K) (71K) (197K) (161K) (108K) (39K) (42K) (73K) (161K) (165K) (137K) (60K) (53K) (42K) (110K) (80K) (29K) (24K) (102K) (20K) (58K) (116K) (24K) (24K) (18K) (135K) (222K) (466K) (97K) (60K) (114K) (122K) (106K) (144K) (27K) (35K) (96K) (83K) (50K) (100K) (287K) (120K) (24K) (198K) (198K) (176K) (158K) (158K) (38K) (38K) (36K) (38K) (48K) (49K) (60K) (61K) (40K) (60K) (4K) (48K) (75K) (40K) (55K) (19K) (37K) (236K) (41K) (41K) (206K) (49K) (114K) (308K) (107K) (137K) (100K) (109K) (47K) (194K) (87K) (80K) (10K) (100K) (97K) (91K) (64K) (65K) (65K) (37K) (60K) (54K) (176K) (95K) (123K) (123K) (55K) (121K) (118K) (121K) (109K) (21K) (20K) (142K) (10K) (4K) (274K) (76K) (76K) (32K) (230K) (43K) (172K) (152K) (96K) (87K) (87K) (27K) (42K) (77K) (129K) (16K) (40K) (4K) (59K) (154K)

H (127K) (88K) (35K) (138K) (108K) (39K) (44K) (26K) (79K) (79K) (67K) (30K) (29K) (48K) (68K) (3K) (97K) (66K) (118K) (80K) (166K) (413K) (81K) (45K) (113K) (26K) (39K) (34K) (69K) (64K) (54K) (74K) (65K) (87K) (73K) (64K) (61K) (64K) (339K) (131K) (64K) (72K) (60K) (68K) (68K) (188K) (52K) (47K) (497K) (389K) (127K) (125K) (160K) (10K) (58K) (279K) (106K) (74K) (110K) (31K) (96K) (79K) (42K) (85K) (91K) (48K) (34K) (63K) (63K) (95K) (11K) (32K) (57K) (100K) (4K) (20K) (70K) (82K) (245K) (66K) (67K) (84K) (69K) (126K) (31K) (80K) (41K) (98K) (37K) (69K) (124K) (217K) (47K) (89K) (68K) (112K) (53K) (51K) (33K) (7K) (32K) (156K) (39K) (60K) (58K) (419K) (201K) (35K) (35K) (30K) (86K) (18K) (41K) (116K) (66K) (36K) (9K) (255K) (148K) (48K) (164K) (62K) (131K) (205K) (139K) (3K) (52K) (1K) (59K) (87K) (118K) (53K) (77K) (8K) (116K) (82K) (23K) (23K) (132K) (116K) (179K) (220K) (49K) (73K) (203K) (203K) (61K) (18K) (13K) (116K) (69K) (32K) (3K) (152K) (175K) (179K) (66K) (165K) (96K) (69K) (95K) (21K) (41K) (3K) (56K) (32K) (50K) (31K) (39K) (125K) (30K) (30K) (99K) (99K) (211K) (31K) (31K) (13K) (80K) (52K)

I (79K) (109K) (10K) (43K) (57K) (60K) (423K) (244K) (62K) (37K) (57K) (215K) (80K) (32K) (102K) (102K) (84K) (91K) (83K) (115K) (101K) (59K) (138K) (46K) (26K) (127K) (45K) (56K) (67K) (47K) (85K) (167K) (43K) (43K) (34K) (50K) (38K) (74K) (44K) (32K) (99K) (70K) (70K) (156K) (62K) (235K) (75K) (105K) (549K) (60K) (58K) (12K) (52K) (75K) (73K) (72K) (237K) (106K) (106K) (6K) (97K) (5K) (78K) (84K) (118K) (45K) (65K) (106K) (85K) (89K) (22K) (136K) (88K) (55K) (4K) (35K) (83K) (85K) (137K) (70K) (17K) (5K) (24K) (85K) (58K) (42K) (11K) (11K) (15K) (5K) (5K) (11K) (42K) (17K) (9K) (36K) (101K) (33K) (22K) (35K) (162K) (86K) (225K) (262K) (15K) (209K) (122K) (69K) (63K) (97K) (74K) (60K)     it' (145K) (32K) (58K) (49K) (37K) (44K) (12K) (78K) (301K) (44K) (4K) (124K) (127K) (127K) (75K) (20K) (134K) (93K) (35K) (108K) (131K) (112K) (140K) (69K) (32K) (70K) (192K) (51K) (12K)

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