The APDL PD Library

Main section

This part of the library contains all the main desktop programs and utilities.


Most of the material in the library dates from the 1990's, some is even earlier. You should therefore be aware that this is an historical archive and some programs may may not work on modern versions of RISC OS. Most of the contents of the library are not 32bit compatible.

It is therefore offerered with absolutely No Warranty or guarantee as to Fitness for Purpose. There is no reason to belive that any of this could in any way harm your computer but because of its age you use it entirely at your own risk and APDL accepts absolutely no responsibility for any consequences of its use. (720K) (727K) (733K) (727K) (762K) (408K) (351K) (745K) (675K) (670K) (726K) (469K) (751K) (763K) (1413K) (765K) (751K) (312K) (725K) (297K) (651K) (702K) (335K) (764K) (145K) (1209K) (317K) (245K) (137K) (696K) (683K) (483K) (734K) (545K) (499K) (501K) (321K) (403K) (574K) (740K) (558K) (405K) (564K) (573K) (637K) (331K) (465K) (732K) (309K) (546K) (605K) (513K) (615K) (717K) (718K) (861K) (541K) (677K) (661K) (716K) (270K) (437K) (399K) (800K) (743K) (234K) (1144K) (682K) (675K) (719K) (2615K) (682K) (485K) (697K) (552K) (685K) (499K) (642K) (339K) (743K) (239K) (507K) (710K) (729K) (697K) (381K) (217K) (493K) (763K) (332K) (152K) (592K) (307K) (168K) (211K) (597K) (332K) (612K) (330K) (486K) (605K) (530K) (614K) (645K) (380K) (561K) (662K) (405K) (732K) (1517K) (784K) (585K) (696K) (678K) (637K) (473K) (454K) (527K) (458K) (693K) (402K) (695K) (506K) (776K) (311K) (1434K) (532K) (711K) (689K) (551K) (642K) (646K) (1455K) (685K) (676K) (399K) (558K) (526K) (739K) (690K) (325K) (619K) (719K) (644K) (644K) (670K) (420K) (467K) (588K) (574K) (881K) (678K) (615K) (586K) (767K) (717K) (612K) (599K) (682K) (479K) (608K) (721K) (755K) (765K) (718K) (568K) (597K) (1283K) (491K) (1444K) (623K) (2062K) (2490K) (764K) (708K) (689K) (666K) (557K) (730K) (499K) (727K) (2523K) (525K) (1053K) (765K) (611K) (2566K) (601K) (537K) (636K) (596K) (686K) (591K) (698K) (730K) (367K) (622K) (643K) (621K) (666K) (459K) (678K) (565K) (636K) (1248K) (1323K) (474K) (608K) (2701K) (717K) (732K) (587K) (713K) (715K) (696K) (705K) (313K) (685K) (620K) (645K) (484K) (682K) (688K) (685K) (667K) (720K) (724K) (691K) (510K) (602K) (785K) (605K) (646K) (690K) (739K) (680K) (706K) (554K) (713K) (740K) (752K) (594K) (717K) (6575K) (743K) (643K) (665K) (723K) (676K) (1772K) (1273K) (1298K) (737K) (683K) (845K) (2601K) (1726K) (534K) (778K) (730K) (574K) (679K) (677K) (1442K) (734K) (666K) (702K) (1241K) (1831K) (752K) (627K) (723K) (2565K) (740K) (633K) (601K) (637K) (613K) (747K) (357K) (722K) (608K) (652K) (633K) (615K) (913K) (1042K) (589K) (667K) (681K) (581K) (607K) (694K) (736K) (555K) (695K) (767K) (1402K) (1179K) (712K) (511K) (633K) (782K) (709K) (617K) (1588K) (701K) (477K) (743K) (2084K) (570K) (726K) (761K) (674K) (780K) (751K) (768K) (1499K) (675K) (552K) (748K) (2161K) (5439K) (1368K) (615K) (604K)


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